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  1. Starting a new topic means creating a new proposal for a change in government regulations.
  2. Proposals may not marginalize individuals, the proposal change is for everyone.
  3. Exception to Principle 2: Department Heads. The people have the ability to direct, hire and fire them.
  4. A reply is a correction to the post its replying to. Make a statement.
  5. Statements should be supported by references whenever possible and vice versa.
  6. If you enjoy a post, simply prop it ↑. If you do not enjoy a post, simply ignore it.
  7. No compliments, no hate, no fluff. Stay professional.
  8. Each user may only have one account.
  9. Posts that do not follow these Principles should be reported.
  10. Failure to follow these Principles may result in suspensions from posting, pending review.

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